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Check out my music page!  I've got 5 new songs I've released as singles. (I have a new song titled "The God Life" that will be ready for release sometime this fall!)   I have put up some notes on each that may interest you and all of them are free downloads....Free, like we are in Christ.




I Give It All To You (C) Steve Betz 2003

I give it all to You Lord , Every Little thing , Every beat of my heart , Every breath I take

All I have is Yours , Everything I do , I lay it down , And give it all to You

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Ad on Spotify 

John Brodersen and I put together an audio ad that will run on Spotify from July 9 to July 15 covering the entire USA.   It directs Spotify users to my music there as well as to my web site.  Show.co is providing daily activity on the  ad .  I can't wait to see what happens.......good things , God willing!   First time I have ever done national advertising!!

5 songs released to the web last week!!! 

Well, finished these projects at last with high fives going out to Dan Nichols at Soul Tree Recording and John Brodersen, for their wonderful work on these songs!  Can't say enough about their wonderful talents ( which were all donated on this project)  Thank you guys.  Couldn't find better friends.  I am so very grateful for their many hours given in kindness.  You are awesome!  Listen to perfection in music and their attention to details in every song.  Yay!!!!

New songs are here 

River of Joy and I Give It All To You are up and running on the music page. check'em out!

New Songs Coming 

We  are moving along nicely with the new songs releases.  We just released "River Of Joy" and now we are close to releasing another of my originals , "Rose and Thorn". This songs instrumentation has Allison Krouse feel.  Lots of guitars with a mandolin on leads and fills; and of course a cool bass and drums.  We think you'll like the change in genre and the song.  Yay!

Forever free album 

Forever Free album completed.......release date proprosed some time in Sept. 2017

New CD to be released in 2016 

We are going faster with production this time.  Using some new tools with the help of John Brodersen and Dan Nichols.   On Some of the songs we are implementing "Band in the Box" and it's speeding the recording time a lot.  There are some cool things in technology but of course Mike Killeen and Terry O'Hare are still very much a part of the process!

Cd Release finally here ! 

News flash...after 3 years  in writing and production..."Kaleidoscope" is finally here.   We will have the CD's in hand before Christmas and our first event will be in January on the 23rd at the Lewis and Clark Brewery in Helena.  The first reviews are great...."Best album you've ever done!"   "great production and song writing"  We are excited about this disc.   Hope you can check it out... There will be many other  release events....Keep checking.

Steve ~

Progress of new album 

We have all the songs written for the number 4 album and have recorded basic tracks for 9 of the 12 or 13 songs that will be on the final disc.  Progress has been slow but we hope to have it done by fall.  Life has a way of getting in the way of goals but we are pressing on to get this out to you all soon.  Thanks for your patience.   I think we have a great collection new originals this time.  The style and content of writing and melodies seems to take on a new life on every album.  It's nice not to get…

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Thanksgiving 2010 update 

Hey everybody,

Sorry I've been away from the web site for a while.  Just taking a much needed break and now I am ready to get back at it.   I've talked to Dan Nicoles at Soul Tree Recording and we're ready to start laying tracks in December for the newest album.  I have 7 songs written and will be working on others as we move toward our goal of another recording.  I always wonder if I have another album in me, but God keeps shoving material at me.....so I guess...........here we go again.

The web site…

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Over 30,000 hits 

We are fast approaching our 1 year anniversary on our web site in April, www.stevebetz.com  and we are already at 30,000 hits!  We are happy with the success of this site.  Thank you  so much for visiting us.  We've been trying to keep it updated with new material and new looks to make it more fun and interesting for you all.  We welcome any suggestions you may have to make it better. 

We are also lining up a busy summer playing around this beautiful state of Montana at some of our old favorite places as…

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