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Check out my music page!  I've got 5 new songs I've released as singles. (I have a new song titled "The God Life" that will be ready for release sometime this fall!)   I have put up some notes on each that may interest you and all of them are free downloads....Free, like we are in Christ.




I Give It All To You (C) Steve Betz 2003

I give it all to You Lord , Every Little thing , Every beat of my heart , Every breath I take

All I have is Yours , Everything I do , I lay it down , And give it all to You

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THE JOURNEY (C) 2007 Steve Betz, Candlelight Productions I am a pilgrim, a traveler in time Wanderin' down an open road My destination is all that I am And, everything that this life can hold I can't say I'm doin' everything right But, you know that I'm gonna try So, when the thunder rolls and the lightnin' strikes I'll be lookin' for a clear blue sky Cause I am alive and well and free And, I will always be thankful for the journey Now, out on the highway is where I belong Feelin' the wind on my face There must be some gypsy runnin' through my veins There's a longin' I just can't explain But, I'm only here for a little while Gonna make the most of how I live So, every minute, every second of the day Gonna face all that this life has to give”

— ..........#1

WANNA BE WITH YOU (C) 2008 Steve Betz/ Steve Halferty, Candlelight Productions Downtown on a Saturday night Flat broke , ain't got a dime Sittin' here just 'a killin' time Wishin' I could be with you Nothin's ever what it seems When you're livin' in a young man's dream Up and down and in between Wishin' I could be with you I'll be waiting, anticapating till you come in view I wanna be with you I know there's a special girl She's the one that'll light my world Like an oyster with a perfect pearl It's gotta be you Yeah, when we meet there'll be a sign All the stars'll realign Clouds'll part and the sun'll shine It's gotta be you You'll be everything I dream of Every one come true I wanna be with you Oo la la, etc”

— .........#2

SUSIE (I still think about you) I remember little Susie and me Used to walk in the park, sit by the tree And think about things like lovers do Hoped someday that we could be Together forever her and me As we sailed away by the light of the moon Our love was young , we were wild and free It didn't really matter whatever the need We always knew this was our time Lived every minute of the day Wouldn't let anything get in our way And we'd fly, oh how we'd fly Susie, the thought of you makes me smile Oooweee , oh my it's been a while No one else in this whole world Can ever make me feel like'a you do Susie, I still think about you It doesn't take much to jog my mind To see your face just one more time A goofy song, a sunny afternoon You'll always have a piece of my heart You had it there right from the start As we sailed away by the light of the moon” - (C) 2005 Steve Betz/ Steve Halferty, Candlelight Productions

— Susie (I still think about you)

WITHOUT LOVE I could travel around the world And, think there's no place I ain't seen My cup could be runnin' over With the pleasure it could bring But, that don't mean anything Without love, without love, without love And, I could be a movie star And, everyone would know my name I could write my own ticket With my face on the silver screen But, that don't mean anything Without love, without love, without love Without love there's no lullaby Without love birds will never fly Without love bells will never ring Without love, it don't mean a thing Bridge: Seems like we fill our lives With so many empty dreams What we need is a melody that only love can sing Can you hear it ring ?” - (C) 2008 Steve Betz/Steve Halferty, Candlelight Productions

— Without Love

CLOSE TO YOU What a wonderful day when you came along Right out of the blue you filled my heart with song Your amazing love has brought me to my feet Now, I know You're everything I need Cause, I want to feel the beat of your heart I wanna hear your whisper in the dark Oh, let your gentle breezes blow Through the window of my soul I wanna be close to you, I wanna be close to you Now every day with you is a beautiful thing I can't wait to see what a new day will bring You've got a smile that brightens up my life Funny how that happens every time Bridge: Lord, you are the best thing That ever happened to me You are the only one that can do what you do to me” - (C) 2007 Steve Betz, Candlelight Productions

— Close To You