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Check out my music page!  I've got 5 new songs I've released as singles. (I have a new song titled "The God Life" that will be ready for release sometime this fall!)   I have put up some notes on each that may interest you and all of them are free downloads....Free, like we are in Christ.




I Give It All To You (C) Steve Betz 2003

I give it all to You Lord , Every Little thing , Every beat of my heart , Every breath I take

All I have is Yours , Everything I do , I lay it down , And give it all to You

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Hello everyone, 

So happy you've taken the time to get to know me and my music a little better. Welcome! 

I have lived most of my life in Montana at various locations in the Rocky Mountains here. The only exception was a stint in the military.  I now reside in the Helena valley and find it's a great place to write and record my music. My writing has rock and roll influences as well as contemporary Christian and some Country.  One of my 5 albums I named "Kaleidoscope" because my songs covered many genres: rock, blues, country, Christian, and Americana.  Sorry, no hip hop or rap (Ha!).  Some of the write ups in the papers have said it's "Feel Good Americana with Christian Threads".   One reporter quoted me as saying, "Writing and recording. regardless of monetary success, has been the engine that drives me.   I just want to make people feel good about themselves and bring a smile to their faces."  And that's still true.

Both my parents were musicians, so some of their skills have filtered down to me. As a result I've played in many bands over the years. One country, several Christian groups, and currently play Classic R&R with another. Still involved with Christian groups too.  I play acoustic guitar, keys and bass.

Currently, I am still writing and recording but, because Cd's now are not the way to go, I am releasing singles and not albums. MP3's are the new normal, as they say.  All my new music is on downloads only. My Cd's are still available online and from this web site. 

My music is available, as well as all the previous albums, @ you tube, i tunes, spotify, amazon  and @ at www.cdbaby.com/cd/stevebetz or check out my web page @ www.stevebetz.com

update 2/6/21

  I married the love of my life Teri a little over 9 years ago and she has been the best thing to happen to me ever.      

 Life is good and God is good all the time!!