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Check out my music page!  I've got 5 new songs I've released as singles. (I have a new song titled "The God Life" that will be ready for release sometime this fall!)   I have put up some notes on each that may interest you and all of them are free downloads....Free, like we are in Christ.




I Give It All To You (C) Steve Betz 2003

I give it all to You Lord , Every Little thing , Every beat of my heart , Every breath I take

All I have is Yours , Everything I do , I lay it down , And give it all to You

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Hello, I am back to my web site.  I guess I took some time off from writing and recording. But, God said I am not finished with you yet.  So, this past year I have written 4 new songs and am now finished recording and releasing.  I'm not doing a full album this time but, am releasing them all as singles.   I am excited that Bandzoogle is handling the web site this time as CDbaby is stepping away from this part of the deal.  Cdbaby is still in charge of distribution,  so all of my new singles are now on the web along with all my albums already there on itunes , youtube. spotify, etc.     Thanks everyone for all you've done in supporting my efforts in music.  God has certainly blessed me throughout it all and continues to do so.     Steve~

Say,While browsing this site you can click on the tab at the bottom right of these pages . Push play button. When you want to hear another track, push arrow buttons forward or back to hear new songs.  The songs you hear are some from my music page.  Yay!